Leeds Weeklyn Hill MPD

A 1960's Steam/Diesel shed set in the heart of Leeds

Notes for Exhibition Managers

 These notes are designed to help exhibition managers who want to know more about the line in terms of booking us for exhibitions. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact the owner by phone on 07928113607 or by email [email protected]

1. The Layout measures eleven foot by three foot and requires a foot print of twelve foot by five foot to allow room for walking around.

2. The layout only requires one mains plug. We have our own extension lead which we can plug all the sockets we need in.

3. The layout has its own stand system so no tables are required for standing the line on, although we do like to have a table to stand spare locos and other supplies on.

4.  The layout is operated via an ESU ECOS 50200 Command Station acting as our control panel with trains driven by iPhone's loaded with the "Touch Cab" application. This allows us to control the trains wirelessly, given the operators chance to walk around the layout and talk to the visitors as well as proving to be of great interest to the public.

5. The layout uses a 2 man team to assemble, operate and dismantle the layout over the course of a weekend which we will provide.

6. The line is run the an operating sequence as opposed to a timetable which allows us to adjust the pace based upon the crowd we have viewing at any one time - it also allows us time to talk and demonstrate our control system to those who are interested and let people request to hear any engine they would like to. The sequence reflects a 24 hour period of the shed’s life seeing locos come on and off shed before ending up back at their starting point for the sequence to begin again.

7. We have a pool of approximately 60 locos from which the operating fleet for any show will be trimmed to roughly 35 locos for each show, there is no set list for any show and the fleet is constantly expanding so each show we attend should see a different loco roster to the last one.

8 Although we are based in the North East of England we are more than happy to consider invites from shows from further afield. We do enjoy travelling and meeting new people within the hobby.

9. The layout is designed to fit into a standard family car whilst still leaving room for the two operators this helps to keep our costs and thus our expenses to the bare minimum.

10. We don't usually look for expenses from this, it is a hobby to us and we take pride in been able to display our work to the public. We do sometimes look to take expenses if the event is on behalf of a charity but these are donated back (with gift aid) to the cause.

11. If your exhibition is arranged at a particular railway venue or to coincide with an anniversary of a railway based event please let us know as we may have particular locos in our fleet that would be suitable for this event. We do like to make our roster match our venue where possible.