Leeds Weeklyn Hill MPD

A 1960's Steam/Diesel shed set in the heart of Leeds

Leeds Weeklyn Hill Loco Fleet

 No matter which shed you look at from railway history there is always one key thing, the locos, without which the shed could not function. All sheds had a stable fleet of homes based locos interspersed with visitors who brought trains in from other regions.

Leeds Weeklyn Hill is no different and here is a look at the members of our ever increasing loco fleet. As the fleet continues to grow it is harder to fit all of them into our roster for each show however we will be providing a good mix from the below list at each show so do keep coming to see us at each show as the fleet will be different each time.


A4 60016 Silver King

Poor Sir Ronald, we keep buying him and keep chaging his identity (see 60008 and 60023), we don't have anything against him, we just prefer other A4's. In this instance Gateshead allocated 60016 Silver King, although only just renumbered we will be applying a small amount of weathering to reflect the typical sight of the Tyneside pacifics. As with 60008 and 60023 this loco is straight out the box Hornby DCC sound.

A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley

Something a bit different now, this A4 not only has a Zimo sound chip but it is also weathered. Not sure if Pete Townend would let any of his A4's get like this, never mind Sir Nigel, but it does look like it has actually pulled a train or 2 so sits well in the shed environment.

A4 60008 Dwight D. Eisenhower

A Hornby A4 factory fitted with a sound decoder. This loco was previously 60001 Sir Ronald Matthews but was renumbered as 60008 for the Shildon Show when the real loco was on display in the same venue.

A4 60009 Union of South Africa

Something a bit special here, a Hornby A4 fitted with SWD Sound (actually of Union), working headlamps and a Suethe Smoke unit inside the chimey so the complete sight and sound package can be experienced with this loco.

A4 60023 Golden Eagle

Another Hornby A4 factory fitted with a sound decoder. This model also was Sir Ronald but a fault saw it returned to Hornby for repairs which were not completed in time for a show so a replacement was bought. When the original came back a new identity had to be found and Golden Eagle was selected. The real loco did actually appear at Leeds to work the RCTS 3 Summits Railtour in 1963 so it does seem appropriate to have this loco on shed.

A4 60030 Golden Fleece

One of the highlights of the fleet, this was my Dad's 60th birthday present and his first DCC Sound engine. He got a Hornby Dublo model for his 10th Birthday which was the same time as he saw the engine pull the Elizabethan express all summer so to reflect this the loco is in the exact same condition as it was in that year complete with express passenger headcode and Elizabethan headboard.

The loco is fitted with a South West Digital A4 sound chip.

A3 60043 Brown Jack

As the most numerous class of LNER pacific it seems only natural some would appear in Leeds and we do have a ew of them. This loco has joined us from Keytes of Essex who supplied her with a sound chip already fitted and it gives a very realistic impression of an A3 at work. Well worth a listen.

A3 60093 Coronach

Another of Gresley's rachehorses here, this time it is a Howes sound Chip fitted inside a Hornby model depicting one of Carlisle's loco's - no doubt having worked across Ribblehead Viaduct with an express to reach us.

A1 60139 Sea Eagle

Bachmann's first sound fitted A1 model can be found on shed and as a former Copley Hill engine would have certainly found her way here at some point.

A1 60142 Edward Fletcher

A Bachmann model renumbered as the Darlington built engine which entered traffic on the day my Dad was Born (60123 H.A. Ivatt also entered traffic from Doncaster on the same day) so it is no surprise to find a model of it fitted with a Howes A1 sound chip on our line, this loco also has working lights in the "class 1" Express passenger code.

A1 60157 Great Eastern

A Bachmann model straight out the box fitted with a Howes A1 sound chip. This loco was only bought to finish off the set of 5 Ex-LNER Constituent companies but became the first sound fitted A1.

A2 60532 Blue Peter

Given our history or working on this engine when the model was announced it was only natural that we would have at least one (we do in fact have 2!), this loco is has a Howes A2 sound chip.

A2 60537 Bachelors Button

Another A2 that would work down from Scotland on semi-fast trains (presumably), this time we find a heavily weathered Bachelors Button, this loco did appear on the cleaning road at a couple of shows getting polished up but she now takes up her rightful place moving around the shed.

B1 61138

If there is one Eastern Region loco that any Leeds shed should have then it is a B1 and thanks to Hornby's new model we now have one of our own. This Sheffield engine would probably have come along on a stopper service so should feel right at home here.

O4 63635

This is the excellent Bachmann model fitted with a Howes (yet again) sound chip. This is one of the best chips out there featuring some great sound functions such as 8 second buffer clank. This loco has recently received a weathering job to give it a more realistic look when on shed.

Stanier 4mt 2-6-4T 42437

One of the locos bought to add a touch of normality and mundane to the glamour locos. These locos would be seen pulling local stoppers in and out of Leeds, so expect to see this loco bustle in and out quite frequently for coal and water during the days roster.

Fowler 3F 0-6-0 43474

One of the common as muck Midland 3F's we have - these locos appeared all over the LMS System including Leeds so this really is another class required to portray an accurate representation of Leeds.

Fowler 3F 0-6-0 43762

So common we have 2! Another 3f as above fitted with a Howes sound chip - really looks and sounds the part when trundling around. This is another loco we have recently weathered to try and counteract the problem of too many clean engines on shed.

Black 5 44871

Hornby Black 5 with a Howes sound chip, this loco is in plain black (as she was in August 68) which gives a different look to her lined sisters.

Black 5 45010

Considering BR had 842 of these loco's and how common they were in Leeds it seems only right we have a few of our own. Another model fitted with sound by Hornby, this time factory weathered to give a more realistic look.

Black 5 45377

Hornby Black 5 factory fitted with a sound decoder, these locos were common in Leeds so the presence of at least one is required. More black 5's are definitely required.

Black 5 45428


 As Black 5's were common at Leeds it seems only right to have more than one! 45428 was one of Holbeck's own Black 5's and as a preserved engine we have seen many times it was an obvious candidate for a former 45377 to become.

Patriot 45504 Royal Signals

This Bristol Based Patriot is a long way from home but as this is the destination of the Devonian it seems only fair to say these locos would probably do turn and turn about with the Leeds Jubilee's.

Jubilee 45593 Kolhapur

One of the must haves for the fleet. Kolhapur was a Leeds engine late in her life and it only seems right this factory fitted sound model should find a place on our line. This excellent Bachmann model really helps set the scene as Leeds - looks right at home with the Devonian headboard.

Jubilee 45659 Drake

Bachmann must like me! They keep doing Leeds engines and this one is no exception. This model came out DCC Fitted but a chassis swap in the store saw it run with the sound decoder from another Kolhapur to give us 2 Jubilee's.

Princess Royal 46208 Princess Helena Victoria

A touch of royalty to the line up comes in the shape of this Hornby Sound fitted Princess. Resplendent in BR Maroon which really suits the class - a top-class addition to the fleet.

Princess Coronation 46238 City of Carlisle

To add some glamour to the Midland fleet and they don't come much more glamorous than a Duchess. This loco was previously 46240 City of Coventry which has no appeal to us but the real City of Carlisle was a regular on the Settle - Carlisle towards the end so must have reached Leeds at some point.

Jinty 3F 0-6-T 47394


No midland region shed would be complete without a Jinty to potter about and 47394 represents this once common class on shed, she will often leave the shed early on the morning to shunt the yards but comes home to help shunt the coal wagons.

G2A Super D 49391

Another loco to help redress the balance of freight to passenger engines. I am not sure how ofter if ever a Super D appeared in Leeds but as the LNWR had a line into the city it must have happened.

City 3440 City of Truro

One of the railtour locos that make guest appearances briefly at shows. This is the NRM Commissioned Bachmann model fitted with a Howes sound chip.

Castle 4098 Kidwelly Castle

Another railtour interloper, often found in partnership with Truro. Factory fitted with sound by Hornby.

Castle 7029 Clun Castle

Another Western Region railtour engine, this time represented by the popular Clun Castle. This loco did actually reach Leeds in the 1960's and there are photos of it at Holbeck so itseems logical it may have come to us instead.

Schools 30909 St. Paul's

The other Southern Loco is a Schools class represented by Hornby's sound fitted St. Pauls. Whilst it is questionable how often a Schools would have reached Leeds one (925 Cheltenham) did so we can justify this one from time to time.

Battle of Britain 34051 Sir Winston Churchill

One of 3 Southern region locos on the roster comes in the shape of probably the most famous of this class, named after the great leader this loco is fitted with a Howes sound chip and 3 lamps in the V shape as carried on his funeral train (albeit by route discs).

Merchant Navy 35023 Holland Afrika Line

One Merchant Navy (35012) did actually reach Leeds to work a railtour over the S&C where rumour is her impressive speed made the inspector forget about the troughs and she had to stop for water! Although not the same loco this does give us a suitable excuse to have this Hornby Merc factory fitted with sound running around.

7MT Brit 70040 Clive of India

This is a Hornby Brit is their first sound fitted Britannia so it seemed natural it would join the fleet to give us another loco suitable for working over from the North West on parcels or simillar trains.

7MT Brit 70044 Earl Haig

This is a Hornby Brit renumbered as one of the few to be allocated to Leeds in their working lives. It is fitted with a Howes Sound chip.

6MT Clan 72005 Clan McGregor

Another Carlisle engine perfect for working the Thames Clyde Express over the S&C. This Hornby model is fitted with a Howes sound chip which helps to bring it to life.

5MT 73171


Another Leeds based engine depicted by a Bachmann Standard 5 renumbered to suit running with a Howes chip. The real loco spent several years at Holbeck so it seems only fitting that this loco is brought back to life on our shed.

4MT 2-6-4T 80120

A Bachmann standard 4 tank which was actually based at Leeds in her working life, until this was realised the loco was way down the list of chipping from our fleet then she jumped to the top for sound chipping. The model is fitted with a micro South West Digital Steam 4MT chip, although a little quiet it does sound good. The loco can often be found running in and out for coal and water during its busy suburban schedule.

WD 2-8-0 "Dub-Dee" 90254

The newly re-chassied Bachmann Dub-Dee joins the roster, taking the identity of a Normanton based engine which would have worked the Yorkshire coalfields, although still in ex-works condition (well it is brand new) chances are the cleaners will not look after her and her shiny black livery will soon vanish under a layer of grime.

9F 92185


Someone order a heavy freight loco? If so this Bachmann 9F fitted with a Howes sound chip should be just the thing for you to watch at shows.

A3 4472 Flying Scotsman


By the era of the layout Flying Scotsman was a preserved loco operating railtours on the mainline and is featured here by a Hornby model fitted with a Howes sound chip. This loco will surely add some high pedigree to the fleet during her brief layover on railtour duties to Leeds.This is the latest Hornby model depicting Scotsman during her ill-fated American Adventure and can be seen either with or without her second tender.

BR 204HP 0-6-0 03 D2092

Another local engine, this time fitting into the local shunter category, these locos were built at Doncaster and Swindon reaching most of the UK rail system to shunt stations and yards. D2092 was a Leeds engine during the early and mid 1960's so this ex shop demonstration model was ripe for renumbering as this one time local engine.

BR 350HP 0-6-0 08 D3185


Every line should have one of these classic shunter's. Ours is factory fitted by Hornby with Sound. These locos could be found in stations, goods yards and anywhere else shunting was required.

BR 350HP 0-6-0 08 D3511

As with the above, no line is complete without one of these so we have 2 available for use.This is the 2nd Hornby version produced and the sound is much louder on this version than D3185 so it suits the line better. Well worth investing in one of the later batches if you want one.

BR 350HP 0-6-0 08 D3963

Well 2 08's was never enough! The trio of 08's is completed by another Hornby sound fitted model, this one is the best runner out of the 3 so is the main choice of 08 for shows. Often found working fuel trains around the shed when the deliveries arrive.

EE Type 1 20 D8000 


The first of the class is a Bachmann model that runs of the chassis of a factory fitted model with the sounds re-blown by Durham Trains of Stanley and fitted with a bass reflex speaker, a much better sound if you ask me.

EE Type 1 20 D8132


Yet another Bachmann Model, but this time Howes have re-blown it. This model was D8154 but has had its number changed to that of a Sheffield based engine which must have come near Leeds at some point in its life.

EE Type 1 20 D8154


Another Bachmann sound model, also re-blown by Durham Trains, well worth having done if you own the Bachmann model

Sulzer Type 2 24 D5100


This is the best Bachmann diesel chip ever. The first sound model of the class they did was the first sound model I owned and this converted my dad to digital. The real loco was another Leeds engine so this made it a must have.

Sulzer Type 2 25 D5183

Leeds clearly has a rat infestation, fortunately these are not disease spreading vermin (unless you a die hard steam fan of course!), these are BR type 2 diesels - and one of the better one's at that. Thanks to Bachmann we have a factory fitted sound version to wow the crowds at shows.

Sulzer Type 2 25 D5211


A Bachmann model bought with a Howes sound chip fitted, yet another with a great function featuring the coupling up with a voice then saying "Rightio!"

Sulzer Type 2 25 D7638

A Bachmann 25 fitted with a sound decoder in the factory. This is a top class model fitted with top class sounds - a real plus when these locos would be seen in Leeds.

Met-Vic Type 2 28 D5700

Some people may be suprised to find this loco on shed but we have seen footage of one on Holbeck so possibly more would have made it and thanks to Hattons we have one available to us.

EE Type 3 37 D6707

Bachmann model fitted with a South West Digital sound chip with bass reflex speaker. Really gives the impression of a Tractor.

EE Type 3 37 D6711

Although not considered to be common in Leeds in the 1960's (at least not going off the lack of photos of the class), they are my favourite class of diesel so we have 2 available to us. This one is a Hornby Magazine Limited Edition in weathered finish that is fitted with a Howes sound chips, really does set it apart from D6707 but you can tell both are Growlers.

EE Type 4 40 D346


A Bachmann 40 renumbered as one of the 5 allocated to Leeds from new. The real loco was withdrawn from Thornaby (the shed I grew up watching trains at) in the month I was born (December 83 for those who want to know) and when looking for photos of the engine for reference I found one of her at Darlington (my local main line station) pulling the Queen of Scots which she would pull as far as Leeds. This photo was used to create one end of the model complete with matching headcode. This loco also has a Howes sound chip.

Sulzer Type 4 45 D27


D27 started her working life at Leeds and would often have worked trains such as the Devonian taking over from Jubilee's. As such we only felt it right to have one of the home based Peaks represented, especially when Bachmann brought it out as a sound fitted version.

Sulzer Type 4 45 D55 Royal Signals

Bachmann Peak factory fitted with sound, this is an amazing sound set and I cannot rate it highly enough. Peaks were common engines at Leeds right through their lives so it only seems right at least one member of the class puts in an appearance.

 Brush Type 4 D1572

A home based duff this time represented by D1572 which was new to Holbeck in 1964. This is another Bachmann 47 this time fitted with a Howes sound chip which gives it a slightly different sound to D1746 which adds character to the layout. Listen for the "dying" horn on this loco.

Brush Type 4 47 D1746

Bachmann spoon factory fitted. I love the horn on this which sounds like it is broken.With a fleet totalling 512 it is no surprise to find more than one of these locos occupying space on shed.

EE Type 5 55 D9007 Pinza


Bachmann Deltic factory fitted with sound.

EE Type 5 55 D9017 Durham Light Infantry

A Bachmann model fitted with sound by Olivia's Trains of Sheffield. A good sound which is different enough to the Bachmann model to allow the pair to appear side by side.

EE Type 5 prototype DELTIC

No words required on this excellent loco. This NRM Special edition is finished off with a South West Digital sound chip which is the closest some of us will get to hearing Deltic roar again.


Guest Appearances

During the various shows we have done the line has had occasional guest locos joining the core fleet, these either come from friends to give us something different or are linked to the show/venue in some way and here we present those locos who had a brief encounter with Leeds.

LNER A4 4468 Mallard

The worlds fastest steam loco made an appearance through use of the Hornby model fitted with a South West Digital chip at the Shildon MRC Open Day at the National Railway Museum annex at Shildon - the real loco is part of the National Collection so her appearance was justified in this way.

BR Y1 Dept; 54

A potting shed on wheels found its wayonto Leeds WeeklynHill shed in July 2012 when the Middleton Railways very own No;54 joined the fleet for a guest appearence at the Middleton Railways model show. This loco is sound fitted so could in theory make another visit in the future.

BR Coronation 46229 Duchess of Hamilton

Another Hornby model depicting another member of the National Collection which featured at the Shildon MRC Open day in June 2011- although this loco may be added to the railtour roster when a sound chip is purchased for it which is not a high priority at present.

LSWR T9 120

Same again here, NRM model at the NRM show. No sign of a sound chip yet for this model but if someone does one she may make more regular appearances.

BR 7MT Britannia 70013 Oliver Cromwell

BR's last standard running gauge loco joined the national collection in 1968 and since 2008 has toured the country. This loco is a firm favourite of mine so it is no surprise to find I own a model  of it and that it appeared at Shildon Show at the NRM.

BR 9F 92220 Evening Star

The last steam loco to be built by BR was always destined to join the National Collection so it is no surprise to find the Bachmann model joining the ranks of locos making a guest appearance at Shildon Show.

EE Type 5 Deltic D9002

The NRM's production series Deltic was allowed to join the celebrations by use of the Bachmann model made for the NRM, although not sound chipped at the show it may one day receive a Sound Chip to allow it to run more often on the shed.