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Behind the Scene's Two - Loco Preperation

Posted on April 29, 2012 at 6:20 AM

By now me have selected our locos, drawn up the roster and movement sequence for a show - now comes the task of making sure each loco is ready for action over the weekend. During the course of a normal two day show the sequence will hopefully be completed 3 times - this equates to each loco coming on or off shed 6 times (sometimes more as the sequence often involves some of the engines coming back for fuelling in the middle of the sequence). this naturally equates to a fair distance covered by each loco and therefore they need to be in top condition before we set off.

All locos are put through the wheel cleaner at the very start of the preperations. This allows us to make sure the locos will acheive maximum pick up over the 2 days but also to see if there are any running problems with locos which can be addressed before the show starts. Thankfully any problems are usually easy to fix and all locos are soon running with shiny wheels.

The next stage is to pack all the locos up into stock boxes. For this we use Bachmann Collectors Club sotck boxes which have capacity for 10 locos in each box. All the locos are packed up carfully trying to keep locos for either the shed's or hidden sidings together so that boxes do not have to be moved too much once we arrive at the venue.

With the locos all packed up and ready, we then move on to ensuring all the loose scenics, electronics, stands and anything else we need are all ready to go. The final job is to load the car and set off to the venue - this will be covered in part 3.

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