Leeds Weeklyn Hill MPD

A 1960's Steam/Diesel shed set in the heart of Leeds


Homecoming A4 comes to Weeklyn Hill

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Another loco has joined the ever-growing fleet of Weeklyn Hill, but this is not a new loco as such it is actually a change of an existing one. We have sadly lost A4 60001 Sir Ronald Matthews but in its palce we have gained A4 60008 Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Dwight D. Eisenhower is of course one of 2 A4's seemingly lost to the UK forever in the 1960's but is now back home and currently on display at Locomotion in Shildon (the venue of the model exhibition we are attending this weekend) as part of a 2 year loan period covering Mallards 75th anniversary of her record 126MPH run.

In real life Dwight D would not have been a stranger to Leeds as in a previous life as 4496 Golden Shuttle she and sister 4495 Golden Fleece (which is also on the loco roster) would they have worked the West Riding Limited train for Yorkshire to London so it seems only natural to have her on our shed representing the final days of these magnificent machines on the line they were built for.

All that reamins is for me to say, welcome home 60008 and 60010!

Layout Repairs and Bachmann 2012 Announcements

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We are currently in the middle of a quiet spell in the layout booking season (between late Jan and mid-May we have no shows) so this has given us time to tweak a few little problems that occured at the last show. The main casualty was 2 point stopped firing when instructed. Thankfully spare ports on the Lenz deoders allowed a quick movement of wires which saw the points back in use. Untill we can cure this 100% we have made the changing of wires easier on the decoder ports to reduce down time at shows.

The only other changes now are mainly scenic, namely finishing off some of the figures that need painting.

However the main news on the shed front is the new Bachmann 2012 release list. Once again Bachmann have rewarded us with more locos suitable for Leeds (see http://leedsweeklynhill.webs.com/apps/blog/show/8595941-show-rosters-home-or-away-team- for previous comments on the matter) with a Midland 4F and LNER J11 "Pom Pom". The 4F's really are one of the typical locos needed at Leeds so it is fair to see I am looking for someone who can supply me with a pallet's worth of these! Whilst some J11's were stationed at Copley HIll so they would have appeared at Weeklyn Hill.

Couple that with the return of the WD 2-8-0 and the Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T both now fitted with a decoder socket and Leeds Weeklyn Hill will be supporting Bachmann well in the future. Suppose it is fair to say that praise given to the manufacturers will bring rewards, do not slag them off as you never know what that might do!

Show Preview - Bishop Auckland & new locos

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Hi folks - we are back on the road again! This time a short hop across town to the Bishop Auckland Scouts Hall for their now annual show. We are on of 4 layouts in attendance including a model based on Bishop Auckland itself.

A whole host of new locos have joined our line up in the last few months - 5 were chipped this morning in fact. As there is so many rather then write a blog for each one I will list them all here.

D6711 - Bachmann Hornby Magazine Ltd. edition with a Howes sound chip

34051 - Hornby Bullied Light Pacific fitted with a Howes sound chip. This loco is quite iconic as it pulled Winston Churchill's Funeral Train almost 47 years ago to the day of the show.

43474 - Bachmann 3F 0-6-0 fitted with a Howes Jinty sound chip

43762 - Another 3F with a Jinty chip. These 0-6-0's were the iconic Midland workhorse, well liked by crews and good steamers now available thanks to Bachmann. Just what we need for our frieght workings.

44871 - Hornby Black 5 with a Howes sound chip. One of the 3 Black 5's to work BR 15 Guineau special on August 11th 1968 (45110 and 44781 were the others) this loco grows our fleet of Black 5's to 3 - getting to an acceptable level now.

60093 - Hornby A3 with Howes sound Chip. A Carlisle based loco which would have worked over the Settle Carlisle taking trains such as the Thames CLyde in and out of Leeds.

72005 - Hornby Clan with Howes Britannia sound chip. Another Carlisle engine to improve our ties with the border city. Another welcome addition to the roster.

With these locos joining the ranks we are now in a position to select locos for each show so we can keep changing the roster. Do keep checking us out at shows as the fleet will most likely change again.

These new diesel's aint all Duff, in Fact they are the Peak!

Posted on November 25, 2011 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Just to show it is not all hard work on the line, 2 new locos have been accepted into traffic by the Shedmaster.

First up we have Class 45 Peak number D27, this loco started her working life at Leeds and would have been a common sight on trains such the Devonian and Thames Clyde displacing the Jubilee's - although rest assured Kholapur and Drake are safe. This loco has a Bachmann sound chip fitted to it and provides us with some much needed diesel fleet expansion to make good use of the new diesel shed.

Following hard on D27's wheels is D1572, another Leeds based engine this time from the more common class 47 fleet. This loco would been a daily sight in the area untill its transfer to Tinsley but even then it porbably would have still come home. This loco has been fitted with a Howes sound chip which really brings this loco to life.

Both these loco's will be taking there place on the roster with the hope of making their first runs at Bishop Auckland show in January. Watch out for more new locos joining the fleet before then.