Leeds Weeklyn Hill MPD

A 1960's Steam/Diesel shed set in the heart of Leeds


Exhibition Preview - Middleton Railway

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Well after a short break of 2 weeks Leeds Weeklyn Hill is back out again this coming weekend at the Middleton Railway in Leeds. We did this show last year as were delighted to receive a return invite, especially after the comments we received form locals. We are one of 14 layouts attending, others include:-

Leem Vista (Hornby live steam)

Guy’s cuttings (N 1950s/60s steam & diesel)

Levisham (N gauge in the preservation era)

Sabden Glen (OO Scotland)

Wentholm (OO fictional Yorkshire light railway).

vintage Tri-ang OO, TT and Big Big, Lego Duplo and Tomy Thomas – all upstairs in our ‘play room’!

Traders will include DC Kits/Realtrack Models, Keith’s Model Railways, Leeds Transport Historical Society and second hand tables.

There will also be real trains running as well as "driver for a fiver" experiences on a real steam engine, if you are local to Leeds or fancy a day out for the whole family then do come laong - we will all be delighted to see you.

Show Preview - Shildon

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After a few months off we are back on the road, taking a short trip to Locomotion at Shildon. Here we will be one of 18 layouts operating inside this magnificent venue surrounded by many famous locomotives of Britains past. Layouts include:-

00 Layouts

Shildon 00 - The Shildon Model Railway Club

Castledale - Durham Modellers

Coniston - Charlie Walton

Langton - Brian Harland

Leeds Weeklyn Hill - Edward Farms

Balbirnie Paper Mill - Glenrothes MRC

Northeast Fields - Gordon Miles

Penna Lane - Shildon Model Railway Club

Norwood Yard - Shildon Model Railway Club

H0 Layouts

Haley's Crossing - The Shildon Model Railway Club

Bad Klienstadt - Vince Main


N LayoutsNettlebridge - The Shildon Model Railway Club

0 Layouts

High Grange - Durham Locomotive Preservation Group

Pick Purse Hollow - D. Jackson

Other Scales

Sparkle (1:48 on 00 track) - Raven Model Group

Ravenscar Pier - trams (1:76 on 00 track) - Gordon Bulmer

Sophie's Lego - Durham Trains of Stanley

Tomy - The Shildon Model Railway Club


John Owens

Penketh Model Railway Centre

Bishop Trains

K&M Models

Laurence Moger

Durham Trains

Diane Simpson

Hedley Hall

Trev YoungSuzie's Models

Squires Components

Martin Wood Scenics

Bob's Models

Going Loco

Smart Models

Mr. Tony Snutch

Tigertaz Models

Redbox Toys

Guest Appearances

Friends of Locomotion

Truckers (Fred and Dave)

Mike Fishwick (modelling demonstration)

Durham Locomotive Preservation Group

This event is free for all to attend so will be well worth travelling for. The personal highlight for us will be the display of the 2 Ex-Pat A4's outside - Dwight D. and Dominion of Canada. Both locos have come home for Mallard's 75th Record anniversary celebreations next year and this event will mark one of the first chances to see them back home, don't forget the A4's did come through Shildon on ECML diversions and would be seen just yards from the venue.

We hope to see some of you there.


Show Preview - Middleton Railway - Coming Home

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It is nearly Showtime again, but this time Leeds WeeklynHill spreads it wings and ventures into new (but familiar) territory, for thefirst time Leeds Weeklyn Hill will actually exist in Leeds! We are off to theMiddleton Railway’s excellent show to stand alongside some of Leeds oldIndustrial Locomotives. There will be 14 layouts there from N to O gauge and a few traders to tempt you. In addition there will be full size trains running - even the chance to drive one if you have a spare fiver!

One personal highlight will be the chance to see (albeitnon-operationally) the Railways LNER Sentinel Shunter No; 54, this engine hasbeen a personal favourite of mine since reading about its amazing feat oftackling the NYMR’s 1 in 49 gradient pulling a single coach. It was thisthat lead to me producing a model of the Sentinel for Microsoft Train Simulatorand naturally when Model Rail produced the model in collaboration with Dapol it was a forgone conclusion No; 54 would be produce one day.

This model was unsurprisingly purchased as soon as announcedand thanks to Howes Models is fitted with a sound chip. This model will be onthe layout all weekend but is not planned as part of the sequence, instead itwill be on prominent display on the cleaning road and will only move on receiptof a donation – I should point out here all money received will be given to the Middleton Railway to aid the restoration of the real No; 54 so if you do attend the show please donate as you will be helping a good cause.

Full details can be found on Middleton Railway's Website well worth attending if you are in the area.


Show Preview- Spennymoor

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2012's second show see's Weeklyn Hill transported to Spennymoor town hall for their show this weekend. With 11 layouts covering the 1930's to post privitisation and even a German layout on display there should be something for everyone to enjoy. Along with the usual mix of traders selling new and second hand stuff to tempt you, make sure you bring your wallets!

This is our first visit as operators to this show and we are really looking forward to it, as another local show it is nice to get our there in familliar territory. We will be there both days 10-4 operating our usual mix of steam and diesel's authentic to the Leeds area in the 1960's and we hope to see some of you there too.

Behind the Scene's Two - Loco Preperation

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By now me have selected our locos, drawn up the roster and movement sequence for a show - now comes the task of making sure each loco is ready for action over the weekend. During the course of a normal two day show the sequence will hopefully be completed 3 times - this equates to each loco coming on or off shed 6 times (sometimes more as the sequence often involves some of the engines coming back for fuelling in the middle of the sequence). this naturally equates to a fair distance covered by each loco and therefore they need to be in top condition before we set off.

All locos are put through the wheel cleaner at the very start of the preperations. This allows us to make sure the locos will acheive maximum pick up over the 2 days but also to see if there are any running problems with locos which can be addressed before the show starts. Thankfully any problems are usually easy to fix and all locos are soon running with shiny wheels.

The next stage is to pack all the locos up into stock boxes. For this we use Bachmann Collectors Club sotck boxes which have capacity for 10 locos in each box. All the locos are packed up carfully trying to keep locos for either the shed's or hidden sidings together so that boxes do not have to be moved too much once we arrive at the venue.

With the locos all packed up and ready, we then move on to ensuring all the loose scenics, electronics, stands and anything else we need are all ready to go. The final job is to load the car and set off to the venue - this will be covered in part 3.

Show Preview - Bishop Auckland & new locos

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Hi folks - we are back on the road again! This time a short hop across town to the Bishop Auckland Scouts Hall for their now annual show. We are on of 4 layouts in attendance including a model based on Bishop Auckland itself.

A whole host of new locos have joined our line up in the last few months - 5 were chipped this morning in fact. As there is so many rather then write a blog for each one I will list them all here.

D6711 - Bachmann Hornby Magazine Ltd. edition with a Howes sound chip

34051 - Hornby Bullied Light Pacific fitted with a Howes sound chip. This loco is quite iconic as it pulled Winston Churchill's Funeral Train almost 47 years ago to the day of the show.

43474 - Bachmann 3F 0-6-0 fitted with a Howes Jinty sound chip

43762 - Another 3F with a Jinty chip. These 0-6-0's were the iconic Midland workhorse, well liked by crews and good steamers now available thanks to Bachmann. Just what we need for our frieght workings.

44871 - Hornby Black 5 with a Howes sound chip. One of the 3 Black 5's to work BR 15 Guineau special on August 11th 1968 (45110 and 44781 were the others) this loco grows our fleet of Black 5's to 3 - getting to an acceptable level now.

60093 - Hornby A3 with Howes sound Chip. A Carlisle based loco which would have worked over the Settle Carlisle taking trains such as the Thames CLyde in and out of Leeds.

72005 - Hornby Clan with Howes Britannia sound chip. Another Carlisle engine to improve our ties with the border city. Another welcome addition to the roster.

With these locos joining the ranks we are now in a position to select locos for each show so we can keep changing the roster. Do keep checking us out at shows as the fleet will most likely change again.